Financial Statements

Dealing with numbers and preparing your own financial statements isn´t the easiest task. Keeping a record of your business´ financial activities can be difficult and requires precision. Financial information of the business is presented in a logical and coherent format in accordance with basic principles of accounting, which should allow the readers to better understand the financial results and position of the business. At HSBA Tax Services, we present financial information of your business accordingly

HSBA Tax Services offers anumber of services to help you improve the preparation of your financial statements. First off, we can review your current statements and position and offer our opinion on how to improve your business health. Furthermore, our team will look over your figures and ensure that they are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and Accounting Standards for Private Standards (ASPE). This is important because banks and shareholders will rely on these statements to make important business decisions or issue loans. Additionally, we can offer disclosure to the bank, as well as to potential buyers of your business.
Our Financial Statement services Includes
  • Complete, and comprehensive reports
  • Reliability and trust with experienced advisors
  • Disclosure to the bank, where your company has a loan or mortgage
  • Submit company´s corporate tax returns
  • Buying and selling businesses