Tax Audit

If you are being audited by CRA? - Don´t panic -.get help!
You are not alone; most people do in fact fear the Canada Revenue Agency and would dread receiving a phone call or letter from them. Being audited feels like a violation.
So why do people get audited?

It could be that the CRA computer randomly selected your return for audit. Or possibly, that your type of business is part of a compliance test program and thus, you were selected. Lastly, it may be because an item on your return reported a significant variance from a prior year or from the expected norm in your industry. But remember - it does not always mean you have done something wrong.

If you have been contacted, it is important to understand what they are auditing, what they are asking for and why before any response is made. As experienced tax professionals, we focus on helping individuals and businesses resolve their tax problems. We bring a depth of financial and tax experience to the tax resolution arena along with a great deal of insight as to the most effective ways to handle an audit. We will sensitively guide you through the process and explain exactly what you need to know and do to facilitate an easy audit.

At HSBA Tax Services, we can arrange to meet directly with the auditor or tax agent so you don´t have to do it alone. If we can assist you in any way with professional CRA audit services in Brampton, please give us a call.
Services we provide:
  • Assisting in CRA audit
  • Represent you with CRA
  • Prepare documents and information required by CRA auditor
  • Correspondence with CRA